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Level Up H2O

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The “Level Up H2O” is a fun youth initiative that helps kids build healthy hydration habits by measuring and rewarding proper hydration. To officially join the initiative, you must purchase your Gululu Bottle.

The Gululu Interactive water bottle is a one of a kind smart bottle that measures water intake with built-in sensors that are so smart that they can detect whether your child is drinking water or pouring it out. This Program allows parents to track their child’s daily hydration intake to make sure they are drinking the proper amount of water to be their happiest, healthiest self! 

Studies show that many diseases are prevented by drinking water, and less sugary beverages. Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity are both linked to high sugar consumption. 

Joining the Level Up H2O initiative will not interfere with participating in school sports or any other youth after-school programs. It’s simply just drinking water and receiving rewards for completing water intake goals

To officially sign up for the program you must purchase your Gululu Interactive Water Bottle.

No child will be turned away from joining the Level Up H2O initiative. If the child cannot afford the water bottle, they will be given a chance to earn a free bottle by selling Level Up H2O apparel to family and friends.

“We’re excited about the healthy hydration awareness this partnership will bring,

“Today, we live in an era of smarter living brought about by technology. It’s an era where the data from smart sensors and devices in our daily life such as mobile phones and wearables can help us to understand our nutrition and to guide us towards a healthier lifestyle.."

Gululu co-founder, Asi Meskin.

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