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About Us

Gululu's Mission Statement

Invent purposeful technology for the well-being of children

and use business to effect actions that tackle world health issues.

Gululu was built on hope that future generations will inherit a healthier way of living. Inspired by our founder, Alvin Chiang, who had his own personal struggle with diabetes, decided to dedicate his time to solving health issues beginning with children’s hydration. Chiang made a journey to Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall carrying a wish that transpired in the form of a startup. In 2014, a venture transpired, and the Gululu Water bottle was created.

At Gululu, we believe children deserve products that support learning through play. We design with the aim to shape healthy habits into lifelong healthy living.  

After months of exploratory research, using a design thinking methodology, we revealed the most pained point of parenting: getting children to drink water. In addition, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public health found that under-hydration affects children’s optimal health.

Water is vital to life, hence our firstborn, the Gululu Interactive Water Bottle became the first step in providing clean drinking water for children around the world.

Unfortunately, clean drinking water is not readily available to children in other parts of the world. Through our partnership with Generosity.org, each bottle purchased supplies a lifetime of clean drinking water for one child in a developing country.

Our values are reflected in our people.

The Gululu team is comprised of adults and parents who never left the playground; technology and storytelling is what makes us smile the most. Enabled with the most advanced technology, combined with the Gululu Universe, we intend to integrate healthy habits by learning through play utilizing our quality products.