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Student Project: Does an IOT device help increase a child's consumption of water?

Thanks to an amazing group of students who designed an experience to find out if an IOT device like the Gululu Interactive Water Bottle helps increase 3rd-grade student’s consumption of water compared to a regular water bottle.
The students and teachers of Lockhart Elementary Magnet School became interested in this experiment when they noticed that several of their classmates were very tired and having a hard time focusing during class.
They first researched and found out that according to the National Hydration Council dehydration can have several negative health effects on student’s performance in school. According to the European fluid requirements for children, boys and girls ages 4 to 8 years the requirement is 1.1-1.3 liters.
They went out to figure out if an interactive, Smart water device would encourage their peers (3rd Grade Students) to drink more water compared to a control group who received a regular water bottle without smart technology.
The student's hypothesis was supported by the data because the average amount of water, after 5 trials, for the experimental group (I.O.T.-Gululu), was 903ml. compared to the control group which was 467ml. The group of students who used the Gululu device drank twice as much water as the group that did not use the Gululu device.
The Gululu team thanks all the students for some great insight and for teaching the rest of their classmates on the importance of hydration with a Gululu.
If you have any interest in working on a project alongside Gululu, please do not hesitate to reach out to partnerships@bowhead-tech.com or to ryan.hunter@bowhead-tech.com.