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How To Reflect Back on the Year and Plan a Better One with Your Children


What a year it has been! As we have for thousands of years, we bid farewell to another trip around the sun. The New Year is a springboard for a fresh chapter in our lives, and it is again time for reflection of all the fantastic times and even the bad things we’ve encountered.

Looking Back

In 2018, we saw explosive events shaping our world, from Space X’s successful launch of its most powerful rocket, the Falcon Heavy, to movie-style international political intrigue; from the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to mass shootings and wildfires raging in America. We said goodbye to icons like Stephen Hawking and Aretha Franklin. It’s events like these that compel us to take a close look at our own lives, on all that’s happened and see if we could do anything different this year to make our lives, and our kids’ lives better.

New Year’s Resolutions

According to the Reader’s Digest, the top New Year’s resolutions for adults are: exercise, lose weight, get organized, learn a new skill or hobby, and to live life to the fullest; while the people at Parents.com report the most popular resolutions for kids are: learn new things, improve education, stop eating junk food, start exercising, and always have fun!

Would you look at that? They are almost identical!  So, why not involve the entire family for this year's New Year’s resolution process. It's an excellent way for the entire family to realize that this is a great opportunity not only for you to improve but for them too!

Reflection With Your Kids

For the New Year, we at Gululu recommend having an open conversation with your children, reflect on last year’s goals and see if we can kick them up a notch!

Here are a few perennial ideas for New Year’s resolutions with your kids:


What is your child’s favorite thing to do? How well do they feel when they succeed at this activity, and how could they have more fun and improve in the year to come? Nothing better than fun and laughter to make the world go around!


What aspirations, wishes, and desires did your children have about school at the beginning of the year? Did any of these things come true or were accomplished? Did they perform as well as they wanted to?

Talk about the aspirations for the New Year and on what areas they feel they want to spend more time in the coming school year. Have fun and get ahead of the game!


How do your kids feel about their friends? Do they think they have enough friends? Do they like all of their friends? What do they like, and what would they want differently in their friendships this year?

Happy friends make a happy New Year!


How do they feel? Strong, Weak, Fast, or Slow? Ask them how they think of themselves, then talk about the importance of a healthy lifestyle: eating, sleeping, playing, and hydration.

Gululu is the perfect gift for any child because it was designed especially for kids in our modern age to be able to live a healthy lifestyle, while still enjoying cutting-edge technology!

Time Capsule:

After talking to your kids about their aspirations for the New Year, gather a few of their favorite things—a little trinket or toy, some of their drawings and school work—and put them in a shoe box. Ask them about their favorite food, color, and toys, then write down their answers. Next year, open the time capsule and use these objects to reflect on the next New Year! What has changed? Can they draw better now? Use the time capsule to show that everyone changes over time and that we can change ourselves to be anything we want to be!

Have a Healthy New Year!

For the New Year, we at Gululu wish you only a life full of happiness, love, abundance, and health! Now is the perfect time to start your kids with some new healthy habits, such as proper hydration. Gululu is genuinely the only product that mixes interactive gameplay with a hydration tracker just for kids.

A customized hydration plan is easy for parents to follow on a connected mobile app!  For the New Year, make sure you gift your children with the best chance for a healthy start and think about getting them a Gululu Interactive Water Bottle today!

With love, we at Gululu wish you and your family a

Happy and a Healthy New Year!