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Motherly Love Creates a Happy and Healthy Life

It isn’t about religion or a day of victory in war; it’s one of the true global holidays of the world—just like New Year’s! Moms nurture us to be happy and healthy, not only by making sure we eat good food and get enough sleep, but also in ways that we might not even think about. The thing is, a mother’s bond is beyond being sympathetic. Mothers actually feel the joy or the pain we express to them. If we’re sad, they’re sad; and if we’re happy, they’re happy, too!  

This year, as Gululu celebrates Mother’s Day across the globe, let’s look at some of the ways our mothers have made our lives happier, and consequently, healthier.  We may not notice everything that they’ve done for us, but the health we enjoy today is connected directly to the love we have received from them. 

Things like: the songs they sang to us while we were still inside their bellies; changing our first poopy diapers, and getting used to the sleepless nights when we awoke every fifteen minutes, hungry and crying. When we spent our first days at pre-school or kindergarten, our mothers encouraged us by telling us we were strong, and made us believe we had nothing to fear. 

When we were sick, they made us soup and put cool towels on our foreheads. They blew kisses on our wounds, and gave us Band-Aids even when we really didn’t need any. They hugged us when we were scared, or let us sleep with them after having a nightmare—even if we were already thirteen years old! 

They counseled us on our first romantic feelings, and were there when our hearts got broken for the first time. They were the ones who cried when we left home to follow our dreams, and welcomed us back if things didn’t go quite as planned.   

They helped arrange our weddings, and advised us when we had our own little ones to care for, sharing their years of experience from raising us! All of these things, and more, could be taken for granted easily, so it’s important to remember just how lucky we’ve been.  

This affectionate care has molded us into being the people we are today, happy and healthy, wise and caring parents. Gululu’s dedication to healthy children starts at home, with you. So, this year, as we express gratitude to mothers everywhere, let’s give our kids the best chance at a happy and healthy future by getting them a Gululu water bottle today, and teach them to have fun while being healthy! 

From all of us at Gululu, 

Happy Mother’s Day!