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Fathers Mean the World to Their Kids

The role a father plays in our kids’ lives is insurmountable. There is no questioning that children look up to them—they're so much taller! We might not realize it, but to our kids, parents are the night and the day, the world upon which they walk. They eat what we eat, drink what we drink, and ultimately, they’ll do what we do. If their dad watches sports, they’ll watch sports; if they believe in UFO’s, then there’s a good chance their children will, too!

Fathers Are Special

Fathers share a special bond with their kids. They are like wise mountains, stable, fraternal rocks where our kids seek refuge on life’s bumpy road. Fathers must stay strong and calm when their kids need guidance through turbulent waters. When something is broken, they will fix it. When something needs to be moved, they will move it. It’s a fantastic sight when a child creates something, and their father validates it, giving them a feeling of accomplishment and success.

Fatherly Influence

Fathers do not just influence their kids only but help shape the entire family with personal practices, habits, and mannerisms. Kids answer many of their questions by watching us, so we need to make sure we’re setting a great example. They learn what healthy social interactions are, how to resolve conflicts and solve problems; what is considered acceptable, interesting, cool, and especially, what is right or wrong. Having kids becomes a reason to make healthier choices and be the most inspirational and practical people we can be. The reward is the pride we feel watching them become healthy, creative, capable, caring, and conscientious people.

The Legacy Lives On

For thousands of years, men have striven for their names to be remembered. Men have inscribed their names in stone, on their business, or through a big house to pass on, but the parental way for our legacy to live on is by knowing we have happy, healthy children.

So, for Fathers Day this year, not only do we ask you to make sure your children are properly hydrated, but to make sure you are also staying hydrated, as parents.

Gululu is here to help families pass along the most responsible legacy parents can leave, which are happy, healthy lifestyles for their children. It’s never too late for your family to focus on proper hydration habits because our bodies need adequate water to expel all the toxins we are exposed to every day: food colorings, preservatives—yuck!

To all of the “Greatest Dad’s In The World,”

To all our caring and amazing fathers out there,

Thank you for being so supportive and keeping your kids happy, safe & healthy!

Happy Fathers Day!