How To Create Special Holiday Spirit Memories
Christmas- it’s a special time of year: the tender voices of carols on the radio accompany you wherever you go; neighborhood and city streets are alive with rainbows of lights dazzling old and young alike; the sweet smell of fresh-cut pine and fir trees bring warm memories of gift-wrapped anticipation.  Christmas is the season when people travel hundreds of miles to be with family, people they love most.Divine it would be if the weather were always as comforting as seeing a dearly-missed relative; however, blustery winds and rain, snow and frost are usually what wintertime has prepared for our families’ gatherings, keeping people indoors and close to the burning Yule log.  We might not be able to go outside and play, but there are a ton of fun things for families to do at home! We at Gululu acknowledge that it’s the big and little moments that make memories and here are some ideas on how you and your loved ones can really get into the holiday spirit! Step 1: You don’t need snow to make it feel like the holiday season, grab some seasonal essentials and cover your home in them! Gather the lights, garland, wreaths, bows, ribbons and more! String them all up and around your home to decorate and bring the holidays to you! Step 2: Share the joy by bringing people in or meeting them out-right at their front doors! Have family and friends visit your newly decorated home and share smiles as you all sip hot apple cider or hot cocoa, and chew on some candy canes! Then, bundle up and make a trip around the neighborhood to sing Christmas carols door to door.  Step 3: If the blankets and the fuzzy slippers aren’t keeping you warm, gather around the fireplace and have a family cuddle session! Be sure to be safe and always have an adult present to make sure the fire stays fun for everyone! Step 4: Fill your bellies with yummy goodies and decorate some sugar cookies! Follow this simple recipe and add your own colored icing to make the cookies a treat even after you’re done decorating! Step 5:Take a nice, refreshing walk outside and see how the world around you is covered in a thick (or thin) layer of pure white snow! Make shoeprints and your own path as you walk around and discover how nature has turned your flowing pond into a big block of ice!  While giving and receiving gifts this year, know that the best gift above all is good health.  Please continue to share Gululu’s mission: to bring healthy drinking habits to kids everywhere. This Christmas, we wish you all heath and happiness.  We are honored to have friends and customers like you!  Merry Christmas!  From Team Gululu 
Gululu is now available at "b8ta" a physical store chain for tech gadgets
Gululu team is extremely excited to announce that our interactive bottle is now available at the gadget store chain b8ta  at the Santa Monica and Seattle locations! Following our in-demand indiegogo online store and right before Gululu’s Amazon launch, due in January 2017.b8ta, is a new kind of retail store that sells trendy tech gadgets. It's designed to improve the customer and maker experience and helps people discover, try, and learn about new tech products while empowering makers with a simple retail-as-a-service model that puts them in control.B8ta’s goal is to get innovative products like the Gi Flybike, a folding electric bicycle, and Thync, a wearable for achieving mindfulness and boosting energy, and now Gululu, into physical stores and enable people to have real, tactile experiences with them!Gululu’s bottle combined with a Tamagochi-like smart toy that keeps kids hydrated and healthy is excited to stand next to the world's’ top gadgets in the b8ta stores.We invite you to come and meet our pets from the Gululu Universe Ninji, Purpie and Sansa at the b8ta stores.Gululu is available in the following b8ta Storesb8ta Store Santa Monica - 395 Santa Monica Place, Level Two, Santa Monica, CA 90401b8ta Store Seattle- 2616 NE 46th Street, Seattle, WA 98105  
10 Things To Do With Your Kids Before Christmas
There is something in the air in December, no doubt about it: The cool weather and snow, puffy coats and warm clothes, end-of the year feeling, and Christmas lights all around! This time of the year reminds us about love, togetherness and giving. In order to increase the fun during this magical time of the year, we have gathered 10 family activities to do in December:1. Go out and look at Christmas lights together - Take your kids to explore the town's’ beautiful lights and decorated houses! Surely you’ll enjoy the creativity out there!2. Put up your Christmas tree - pick your Christmas tree together and put it up! Decorate your tree with home made installments3.Sing Christmas songs together - what was your favorite Christmas song as a kid? What is your kids’ favorite Christmas song? Sing along and light up your hearts with fun Christmas songs4. Wrap gifts - Buy your favorite colorful wraps and ribbons, get tape, scissors and you are ready to  wrap your gifts together!5. Watch a holiday movie together - there are so many of them!6. Holiday Cards - make cards for your family, friends and teachers. Address and mail them!7. Eat candies! - Go to the nearest candy store for a holiday treat! Get all those yummy candy canes!8. Christmas Stockings- Hang stockings on the mantle or banister - together9. Make winter tea - use your favorite recipe to make sweet tea for the cold winter evenings. Our recommended recipe: In a saucepan, bring water to a boil. Add tea bags, stevia, honey or your favorite sweetener, and then add vanilla. Season with pumpkin pie spice or apple pie spice.10. Selfies - Take photos off all those fun activities together! Print the best ones and place them in your living room, playroom or other preferred place - to keep those fun memories with you!
How To Improve Your Kids’ Self-Esteem
It’s usually easy to notice when kids seem to feel good about themselves, and when they don't. We often describe this as "self-esteem." When grownups and especially kids feel good about themselves, it sets them up for success in many of life’s aspects from school to friendships. Kids who experience more positive feelings like self-acceptance or self-confidence will try new challenges, cope with mistakes better, and try again. Taking pride in their abilities and accomplishments helps kids in every step of the way.Our kids self esteem is being built during their childhood by their closest surroundings. To support that, we have gathered 3 top tips to help build our kids self esteem:Encourage and accept idea sharing: Share your decision making process with your kids and let them raise solutions and thoughts. Accept their ideas with love and excitement - that will improve their self worth and promote good feeling.Strengthen their strengths: In his book “Seeds of Self-Esteem" Dr.’ Robert B. Brooks states that everyone has a few fields of strength. It’s important to support our kids in expressing those strengths as the small accomplishments will make the kid feel good. Also the positive feedback your kid will get from their surroundings will increase their self esteem.Develop their sense of responsibility: Being responsible increases our kids sense of belonging and motivation to collaborate with others. Give your kid small responsibilities like putting his toys back in place at the end of each day, help cleaning the table after dinner, or assist with younger sibling. All of those will improve your kids self esteem and reflect on other aspects of life, school, social life, etc. With lots of Gululu-Love, the Gululu team
Tips to Keep Hydrated During the Winter Time
Staying hydrated makes more sense when it's hot, right? Our kids play, sweat, and us parents have to make sure they drink enough… Apparently proper hydration is just as important during winter time. Warm clothing and layers increase your child's sweating during winter, research shows that some common winter illnesses are caused by dehydration, among them flu and norovirus.Here are some tips and habits to keep your kid hydrated all year long;Water in food - rich vegetables and fruits Adding those healthy and tasty vegetables and fruits to your kids lunch box or meals on a daily basis can do wonders for his health and well being!Fruits: Apple, Oranges, Grapes, Pineapple, StrawberriesVegetables: Carrots, Broccoli, Lettuce, Celery, SpinachDevelop a habit to drink strategically a few times a day Make it a habit for your child to drink water when he or she wakes us, before they go to sleep, before and after play time. Embrace water drinking as a daily, fun activity!Add liquid foods to your kids diet Yummy soups or smoothies contribute to good hydration and health- simplicity is key… that’s why chicken soup is for the most part on the top of your child's list!Get your kid a Gululu bottle This way your kid will interact and make friends with the Gululu pet, will bond and take care of it as he drinks more water, parents will track kids’ water intake and can have the peace of mind knowing your kids are water- smart all year long!Since Gululu is all about keeping a healthy lifestyle while having fun and caring for others, we have launched a special sale for Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday: During November 25-28, Gululu will be giving 3 Extra Spouts for every pre order purchased of Twin or Family packs!  Click here for more info 
Ways to spread kindness together, on Thanksgiving
“Thanksgiving” means many things to different people but for most, the holiday of Thanksgiving is about festive meals, parades, football, family and friends, and, of course… turkey! For many, it's also about spending time together as a family, catching up and enjoying each other's company.The essence of the Thanksgiving holiday is so beautiful - it’s a reminder to give thanks for the good things we have, people and providential events in our lives. This holiday is a chance for many families to spend quality time together - which makes it a great time to encourage your kids to reflect on the love and kindness that you have for one another, as well as sharing your thoughts about what you feel grateful for!Our Gululu team wanted to share a few ways to spread kindness and gratitude around Thanksgiving time;Play the A to Z family gratitude gameHave everyone sit together so that they can hear and see one another. Going around the group of family and friends, have each person say what they're grateful for, according the whichever letter of the alphabet the player is up to. For example, player one says "I am grateful for Aunt Melissa", player two says "I am grateful for Boney my best friend", and player three says "I am grateful for my Caring mom", etc. Keep going around the group until you've completed the alphabet. This can be an exciting and memorable time spent together! Run a Bake SaleInitiate this fun fundraiser activity together with your kids - bake goods together like cupcakes, donuts and cookies, and donate the funds to a greater cause, charity, organisation, or a shelter nearby.VolunteerTogether with your kid, contribute to the less fortunate and volunteer to help prepare meals at a homeless shelter, donate extra cans and packaged goods to a soup kitchen, make a donation. This can be an essential part of teaching your children about gratitude by taking action.Give Anonymously This one is going to be so much fun - Go out on a “kindness spreading spree” without asking for anything in return. Anonymously give little gifts to others. Leave “love notes” on people's cars, candies on the front door of a total stranger. You won’t get to see how they react but can imagine together how you made them feel. You probably made someone else's’ day so much sweeter!From all of us at Gululu, we are sending our gratitude to you, with a lot of Gululu-Love! 
5 Awesome Educational Apps For Our Kids
Many kids have access to iPads, Tablets and smartphones. As much as they can be used to entertain the kids, more and more parents want to make sure their bundles of joy won’t end up on websites they shouldn’t access, won't mess up the device settings, and of course, won’t get exposed to “unfriendly” figures that are out there in cyber space….To address that, we have crafted a list of educational and fun apps for kids, that will make their time with their device enjoyable, improve different skills and teach them new exciting facts!Counting ParrotsThe Counting Parrots Game is a fun educational tool that teaches children mathematical skills. Together with the colourful parrots your child learns counting, addition, associating numbers with quantities, and simple equations. The kids game also strengthens motor skills and memory and prepares your kid for school!Ages: 3-7 //  Price; Free, $5.00  //  iPhone, iPad, AndroidHabitat the GameTeach your kid to care for the environment by practicing real world actions - smart use of water, turning light off and even adopting a polar bear! Let your kid develop awareness on how to make a real difference for the environment on an everyday basis with this fascinating game!Ages: 4 years+ // Price: Free  // iPhone, iPad, AndroidCookie Monster's ChallengeIn this fun app, the cookie monster will prepare your kids for school through the teaching of various practices such as: how to follow directions, focus, self control and more. The game offers different levels and as the kid progress, he earns pieces of a cookie making machineAges: 3 years+ // Price: $2.99  // iPad, AndroidThe Magic School Bus: Oceans by ScholasticYour kid will get to embark on an aquatic journey in this interactive storybook, which features science facts, pictures, games, and videos.Ages: 6-8  //  Price: $3.99  // iPad onlyAnsel & Clair's Adventures in AfricaYour kid will meet Clair the robot and Ansel, an intergalactic travel photographer, that will guide your child through animations, quests, puzzles, and games located in exotic places such as the Nile Valley, Sahara Desert, and Serengeti Plains. It instill a sense of adventure and exploration in your kid with this engaging game!Ages: 6-8  // Price:$4.99  // iPadNow us parents can either join our kids and play together or have the peace of mind knowing our kids are in “good hands”!
DIY Crafts To Start And Enjoy The Fall
As the summer days get shorter and autumn begins to cool the air, it’s time to find a new type of fun to get you and your kids through the new season. Fill time with crafts, games, and lot of laughs with these creative ideas from the Gululu pets!Gather up all the leaves from the yard, rake them into one huge pile, and jump on in!Pumpkin/apple picking! An activity for the whole family where you get to enjoy the “fruits” of your labor even after the fun of picking is done!Knitting is fitting! This might be an activity for the older kids, but it’s never too early to learn how to make fun scarves, hats, or gloves for the colder weather up ahead!Make some spooky, silly, and surprising masks with some construction paper, glue, glitter, markers, scissors and tape! Add a little string and it’ll look great!Hot apple cider and warm hot cocoa! Here is a DIY home recipe of the drinks of the season!Take a hike! This is a great way to explore how the fall is changing all the places around your home! It doesn’t matter where you live, either way your surroundings are shifting-so go out and see!Make a campfire and bake up some s’mores! Give me some more of those s’mores! Endless excitement begins with gathering firewood, feeling the warm glow of the fire, and putting together chocolate, marshmallows, and gram crackers for the perfect snack!Go camping quick! Hurry, before the weather gets too crisp! Whether in your living room, back yard, or on the side of a mountain, get out into nature and let the adventure happen! Now you have additional ways to celebrate the changing of the seasons together!
7 Healthy & Festive Halloween Treats That Your Kids Would Love!
With Halloween just around the corner, we wanted to share with you some of our favorite healthy and festive treats! Sometimes the amount of candy consumed during Halloween can be the spookiest part of the holiday, so we’ve compiled a list of snacks that are both fun for your kids to create together, share with others and of course good for them! 1.“Grapenstein” This spooky snack is super easy and portable. Perfect for packing into your child’s lunchbox! 2. Tangerine Pumpkins and Banana Ghosts These adorable and fruity snacks are perfect for parties or as snacks for the whole class. 3.Witches Hands This spooky witch hand is out to get you…! Use seethrough food handler gloves (non latex), and fill with popcorn and use candy corns or almonds for the fingernails. This hand is delicious and fun to eat! 4.Spider PB&J For an easy and festive school lunch on Halloween day, try this creepy crawly sandwich that your kid will love eating! 5. Candy Corn Popsicles   Even though the weather is cooler, that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a frozen treat! These candy corn popsicles are super easy to make and delicious, too. 6. Witches’ Teeth These witchy treats are easy and healthy and look fantastic. Cut apples in the shape of an open mouth, and sub the almonds for seeds or pretzel stick bits to accommodate allergies! 7.Witch or Frankenstein Guac Platter These magnificent displays are not only healthy but make great centerpieces for a Halloween party or as a contribution to a Halloween-themed potluck! With little cooking involved, these are easy and fun to assemble. We hope you enjoy these tasty and nutritious treats! Happy Halloween from everyone at Team Gululu!
5 tips to balance technology with your kids, the same as you do with hydration
Establishing good habits is important no matter what, whether it’s with drinking or with technology usage. With drinking it's that little screen that reminds us to drink, but how do we balance technology time and other types of time with our kids?We teamed up with to understand why it is so important to balance technology, and got some useful tips for you. As we are gathering more and more data on technology usage, we realize excessive screen time is associated with many problems like poor academic performance, sleep problems, obesity, and more.According to the American Academy of Pediatrics study, 8-10 year old children spend nearly 8 hours a day on media, while teens spend more than 11 hours a day on it. Our children spend more time with media than school or sleep! How can we balance it?Here are some tips that can help balance technology and life in your family:Encourage playtime. Passive screen time shouldn't replace playing, reading, hiking, or any off-screen activity. Make unplugged playtime a daily priority, especially for young children. Set Limits. Kids need and expect limits set by their parents. Rules needs to be clear and relevant to your kids. Some examples are no devices during dinner; no devices at bedtime; no cellphone while doing homework.Create tech-free zones. Your dining area and bedroom should be tech free. Keep your family dinner technology free, as this is the time your family should socialize. Keep the computer and TV out of the kids bedroom, which will reduce temptation to use at night, and make it easy for you to monitor their use.Out of sight out of mind! Have a charging station for all devices at a common place around your home, and have them charge overnight. That will help with the temptation to use them when kids should be sleeping, and a bonus - all are ready with 100% battery for the next day! Be a role model. Don't forget to join your children in an unplugged play whenever you're able. Don’t check your phone when they talk about their day. Leading by example is the best learning tool we have as parents, use it!Bonus tip- Define your family’s technology rules with your children. Make sure they are aware of them. If kids understand what's expected of them and the reason behind it, they are more likely to agree and follow.  * This guest post was written by @TaliOrad, founder of Screen and also a mother of 3 children that live by those rules and are happy to share them with you!** Image credit:
How Using Your Imagination Helps!
While the advancement of technology today is a great way to expand the creativity in a child’s mind, there are also everyday objects and activities that can do just the same trick for you and your kids! We may have grown up in a time where cardboard boxes and forts out of pillows and sheets were the best form of entertainment and imagination, but why does that have to be left in the past? Let’s bring the play times of our past to the present and show the little how to have fun the old fashioned way.Imagination is all about making something extraordinary and fun out of something that is just plain ordinary. The world is made of so many simple delights and imagination is the practice of changing them into something much more than they are!Here are a few games that your family can play to extend the fun throughout the fall days!1. The floor is lava! A staple game in which all you need are some cushions, pillows, tables, or chairs. Anything that isn’t the hardwood or carpet flooring is the ultimate obstacle course for your kids to challenge themselves through! This imaginative exercise helps kids develop decision making skills, problem solving, and goal setting too!2.Make a whole universe under the in-home fort that you create together. Bed sheets, blankets, comforters, pillows or whatever else that is on hand can change the atmosphere and can help kids be their own little architects. Creativity can grow with your kid’s imagination as they make a little escape within their safe space!3. Don’t stop at the cardboard box! No matter size-small to giant, the cardboard box is much more than it seems. It once held tangible objects coming in, but now it will make way to intangible memories and experiences.With your imagination you and your kids can travel anywhere, do anything, or be anyone. Obstacles will no longer stop the fun, they’ll just allow for more imaginative ways to discover along the way!
Surprise news, fun for you and the family!
Team Gululu has some exciting news, but first we want to send you a big thank you. Throughout this long journey you have all been by our side and we want you to know how special that is to Team Gululu. We have all come together and now you and your kids will get the Interactive Water Bottles that you backed for us on Kickstarter! We are very happy to announce that the Gululu pets are on their way to you, starting this month!  We kept our Gululu word, as promised when we went to KickStarter.   Your Gululu bottles are ready for shipping and are being sent out batch by batch as you read this, and here’s some inside information about manufacturing we’d like to share with you. Since we only have one set of moulds, we need to manufacture one color after another carefully, and every change of the color would require us several days to one week to clean the mould and reconfigure the whole manufacturing process. As a startup with limited resources, I think we were bold enough to make 5 colors (even Apple didn’t do this in its early days) while we still want to make sure we live up to the highest standards in quality and craftsmanship.  The first colors coming out will be… BLUE, PINK and PURPLE! Only for those who ordered the non plus packages. And for the rest of you who ordered plus packages or the colors YELLOW and GREEN please be patient, we are working hard to send out the next batches as soon as possible!  We would not say our 1st version of Gululu would be perfect, but if Gululu will take a life of its own to become better and serve more wellness purposes, you are one of the first few thousand innovative users to join us to bring Gululu to the world. And that means a great deal to us. Each Gululu package includes many things for family fun! You will receive your Gululu bottle, a wireless charger, a USB cable, and a Gululu Story Booklet too! To start using your Gululu right away, open the package and begin with the fun! First, download the Gululu app! Next, connect your Gululu bottle to the app and choose a pet to begin, or you can start experiencing Gululu and connect the app later. While we continue to produce more Gululu bottles to fulfil the demand of our current customers, we’d also like you to know that we are also gradually expanding our Gululu Universe. You probably noticed that we have used our 3D assets of the animated pet characters in our marketing materials, and we are building more 3D animations for future game upgrades. We are also very fortunate to have one music artist/composer signed under Warner Music who is writing songs for Gululu. We’ll update you about more Gululu developments when the stories continue to unfold.   We can’t wait to see Gululu in your homes, so snap us a picture of you unboxing your Gululu bottles, post it on social media #mygululu and we will share them.  Love team Gululu :)   
7 Tips That Teach Your Kids to Help Around The House and Have Fun Doing It!
Labor Day is coming up quick, so here are some quick tips on how you can teach your kids to help around the house and have fun doing it! Labor Day is all about the hard work of Americans in our past and your children can join in too by learning how to be responsible and how to help out the family on this special day. Household cleaning, yard work, laundry, taking out the trash and so many others are chores you can choose for your kids.Here are some tips so that your kids too can work hard and want to participate in Labor Day this year:A chore, AND a pleasure! Treat chores as a pleasure verses a punishment. If your kids begin to associate being in trouble with doing something productive, they won’t want to voluntarily contribute to all the things that Labor Day is all about!Keep time! There is nothing more motivating than a count down clock to get kids moving. They love to be timed! Give your kids a chore and time them to see how long it takes, this can even continue on to the future where your children can try to beat their time each different turn that they do the chore. If you have multiple children, or want to challenge your kids to a cleanup contest yourself, you can make a game out of who can complete the tasks the quickest!Make a chore chart! You don’t always need money to motivate your kids, and even stickers on a board can give them a sense of accomplishment! Write out chores on a piece of paper or some cardboard lying around the house with their names on an opposing axis and add stickers to the board once a chore is complete so that your children can equate more chores to more stickers which equals more fun!Keep challenging your kids! Start them off with a small and simple chore, and emphasize how you think they can do much bigger and much more! Not only does this let your littles feel like they are more grown up each day, but it also helps you with your work as well!Add music to the mix! Keeping kids on beat, or distracting them with their favorite song makes doing chores last so much longer before your kids get bored! If you want them to work through a specific job or just for a certain amount of time, this is a good way to add entertainment to work for days even after Labor Day.Teach your child responsibility! Teach your kids that being responsible and helping out, on all days of the year, is all a part of growing up. Steps to being a big girl or a big boy are all about being able to do things on your own and one of these things is to be able to keep their spaces clean!Keep them hydrated and helping! By staying hydrated throughout the day kids will have the energy to keep working hard!Labor Day is a great chance to teach responsibility in and around the home, not matter what age your littles are! We hope these tips will help you out and a Happy Labor Day from Team Gululu! Reference:
Continue the summer fun and stay healthy all year long with Gululu’s favorite kid’s products
Parents, it’s a shame that summer is nearing an end! Are you worrying about all the stress from back-to-school season? Not only does Gululu help children stay healthy and make parents happy by helping their kids develop good habits, it also serves the function as a friend! The Gululu friends are high-tech virtual pets that accompany families through a hydration adventure this summer and even after school starts! To brighten up kids’ daily lives even more, Team Gululu has done lots of research to find out what suits kids the best. Through the Gululu team’s careful investigation on many children products during the development of our own bottle, we also learned the key elements that we want to deliver with a children’s product: innovation, companionship, healthy habit formation, and storytelling. Here we have selected 10 exciting kid’s products that also share these elements, just like Gululu does. Let’s check them out! Gululu interactive bottle Our top pick is, of course, Gululu! Gululu rewards kids for their good water drinking habits by measuring and tracking children’s daily drinking with the advanced technology implemented into the bottles. Gululu helps kids learn through playing with the lively Gululu monsters living in their bottles. Parents can also set school mode for the bottle so it won’t disturb kids’ school time. It’s the perfect back-to-school must-have, grab a Gululu bottle now! Boogie Board e-writers Remember the old-fashioned scratch board you used to play on? Remember the time you spent to draw on it with a wooden paper just to revel in the color of rainbow beneath? Now there is a more advanced version of it just for your kid to enjoy the same joy you used to, only with an electronic pen and an LCD screen. With the new scratch board and new Gululu Interactive Water Bottle, let your kids enjoy the same fun and drink as much water as you did with fashionable technology! New Matter 3D printer Finally, an affordable 3D printer for your kids to play with. This amazing 3D printer is designed by New Matter, and has a complete DIY feature for your kids to maximize their imagination, as well as an easy-to-use online store with varieties of model choices to print. Let your kids create their own universe! Osmo Osmo is an award-winning game system that will change the way your child interacts with the iPad by opening it up to hands-on play. It makes the iPad more interactive with your kids, with engaging puzzles and games that will let them learning through playing! Kidizoom Smartwatch DX This smartwatch is perfect for the kids that want to be a photographer! This durable smartwatch has plenty of memory so kids can take tons of pictures and videos. Not only does it help kids learn to tell time by letting them choose between more than fifty 3D digital and analog displays, the Smartwatch DX also includes games kids can play with! Just like Gululu, it comes in 5 different colors! Let’s color on kids’ daily lives! The Forest Feast for Kids The first children’s cookbook from New York Times bestselling author and popular food blogger Erin Gleeson, The Forest Feast for Kids, comes with 40 easy-to-follow recipes. This includes both text and visual directions for snacks, main courses, desserts, and drinks to let children cook the dishes themselves.   Epic! Like the name hints at, it sure is an epic mobile app that provides access to Over 15,000 Books for Kids. Epic! Having a personalized recommendations feature based on kids’ interest and their individual reading levels, the reward system also offers extra motivation for children to keep reading. We find Gululu is just like this in bottle form! MyPlate While Gululu teaches kids healthy hydration habits, MyPlate helps kids develop healthy eating habits. MyPlate teaches kids the way of healthy and balanced whole food diets with enticing pictures. The visual stimuli remind kids which categories of food they should include in every meal, whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner.   The summertime is almost over; we hope the products Gululu suggested for you can extend the fun to all year long. Before you pack the school bags for your little darlings, make sure they can have as much of a blast in the incoming school year as in the summer! Wishing everyone can have a nice back-to-school season! Oh, and don’t forget to drink enough water to optimize brain and body function and keep energy levels high for school!   Have something you want to say about our recommendations? Or do you have even better suggestions? Please feel free to let us know by commenting on our Facebook page!   Disclaimer: Except for Gululu Interactive Water Bottle, other products stated above do not belong to and are not controlled by Bowhead Technology. Posting content is provided for informational purposes only. All images used in this post are property of respective image holders. Images are only used for indicative purposes.  
Essential Backpack Tools for Back-to-School
  It’s THAT time of year, parents, when we simultaneously breathe a sigh of relief and furrow our brows in anxious anticipation of the structure that the school year will impose on us and our little Darlings. There’s so much to do before their first big day of school, so we at Gululu have put together a list of Back to School Essentials to help the school year to begin smoothly. We know that you know where to get their pencils and paper by now, so we thought we would make a list of the more easily-overlooked things that they will need to succeed from the moment they step through the front doors. A great “Hello!” – First impressions last, so it’s best to teach our kids how to make a great one, and it all begins with “hello”. It sounds so simple, but it’s more difficult than it seems for a young person to stand tall, look into another’s eyes, smile, and muster up enough breath for a warm and confident greeting. Heck, it’s even hard for me to do this sometimes! Practice makes perfect, so don’t be shy to “hello!” back and forth at the breakfast table or on the way to school. You will also want to teach your kids what kind of greetings are appropriate for which situations, as certain occasions will call for them to address adults using the proper title, and, depending on your child’s age, a hand shake may be appropriate as well. Taken all together, a proper greeting can go a long way to making a great first and lasting impression. Here’s an old 1960’s classic clip teaching greetings and introductions that is still relevant today (minus a few of the dated and amusing expressions). Your kids will get a kick out of watching what was part of their grandparents’ curriculum!  Open Hearts and Minds–Though it may be human nature to form small groups and exclude others in some situations, we parents should give our kids the gifts of open hearts and minds by teaching them tolerance and inclusion of those who are different from themselves. These are skills are often difficult to learn, especially if a child does not feel confident in him/herself, so we parents must do all we can to support our children’s self-esteem. Only when they love themselves can they then reach out to love others. It is important that we reinforce these values repeatedly, and keep an open conversation with our kids about how to help create an environment of inclusion in their schools. Most schools are developing anti-bullying curricula and policies, and it is best to find out what they are teaching so that you can give consistent messaging. Contact your school for details, or refer to the websites here (A, B, C) for more information. As Helen Keller said, “the highest result of education is tolerance.”     Nature’s Candy and Whole Grain Goodness – As hard as parents and schools try to limit kids’ access to super sugary and low-nutrient foods, kids can still get a hold of them pretty easily. It’s our job as parents to educate our kids about the importance of choosing healthy foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, otherwise known as “nature’s candy”, and products made with whole grains. Not only will their blood sugar be more stable, and as a result their attention spans and energy levels, but their long-term brain and body development will benefit from all of the vitamins and minerals in the nutrient-dense foods. It may be difficult to say no completely to tempting treats, so learning moderation is a valuable life and social skill. recommends some fabulous apps to help teach kids healthy eating habits in a fun way.   H – 2 – Oh! Water in the body is like the grease on a bicycle chain—without it the gears just don’t turn as smoothly. Keep your kids’ brains and bodies functioning optimally by sending them to school with their favorite water bottle, full of good and pure water. Gululu Interactive Bottle is a great option that will motivate them, and others around them, to drink water regularly, and to choose water over sugary beverages. Gululu will delight and inspire your children to develop healthy habits that last beyond the school day. You can learn more and purchase your Gululu here! For best results, keep the conversations about healthy habits going throughout the year. Good luck to all of the families who will soon begin another great school adventure!    Written by Sarah Northrop, Strategy & Digital Communications Consultant and Pilot User for Gululu. Sarah is a Physical Therapist and wordsmith working on her MBA who has two daughters that inspire her to spread healthy habits as far and wide as possible. They are all currently traveling across the US in a minivan from California to New Hampshire, hitting as many national parks, and seeing as many friends & family members as they can along the way before the first day of school begins. And, of course, they bring their Gululus wherever they go!  
Use colors of nature and imagination to make everyday a healthy adventure!
Based on the percentages provided by the United States Department of Agriculture, the categories of the Food Guide Pyramid are a modern outline to support a healthy diet for children. Kids these days need nutritious snacks and healthy meals to help nourish and encourage them to make healthy choices in the future! Basically, six grain group servings, three vegetable servings, two fruit servings, as well as two meat group and 2 dairy group servings are needed to maintain a balanced diet to prepare your kids for each day. These food groups offer many colors to the pallet, and that is very much needed, but also very much missing on many children’s plates today. But children also need access to much more water than what they may be getting, and Eat Right recommends that children four to nine drink about five to ten cups of water daily. However, with the fast-paced activity-packed days that fill up our weeks, we know that sometimes these goals can be hard to meet. This is why we have created a few tips to make sure that you and your children can go throughout each day and enjoy living the healthy way! Put good in, get good out! A healthy kid is a happy kid and a happy kid is able to take on each day’s adventures with energy and excitement. Color variation: Make sure the rainbow is represented throughout the day, and if your child has a favorite color let that be another way to find a food that they can chose as a healthy snack. Fresh foods will frequently have dull or bland colors, but often the foods that we can find that offer the most nutrition are those on our plates that have bright and fun colors to them!   Shopping for foods by colors while your children are learning them is also a great way to make buying varied fresh foods fun. By making a color wheel checklist, it will be easy to get everyone excited about finding new and different foods to try.   Kids eat with their eyes. Meaning, if a kid doesn’t think what is on their plate looks appetizing, picky eater or not, they probably won't take a bite. Allowing your kids to pick out their own foods from healthy options you steer your shopping cart to gives them the responsibility to eat whatever they picked out!   Let your child be a part of the food preparation! This tip can be two activities all rolled into one as you incorporate an arts and crafts feature into a meal. Just as you might make a smiley face for your kids with breakfast foods in the morning, let them be the designers of their food experience. Eating a piece of broccoli becomes much more fun when it is part of a magical forest or when it is the arm of a green monster created by your child.   A fun way to make getting the proper amount of water engaging rather than challenging is to have drinking a glass of water be the first step to a relay race or obstacle course. The course can start and end with a cup of water and after doing all the exercise and activities in the course they will definitely be thirsty for another glass.   Another way to get your kids to drink more water is to add a drop of fresh juice to the water so that it turns a different flavor. Then you can say that the different flavors mean different super powers and let your child’s imagination take over. For example, blueberry juice could be water superpowers, apple juice could be earthly powers, watermelon juice could be fire yielding, and orange juice could be air bending!   Reference:    
Sharing is caring! Share the Gululove and get a special e-gift!
  We have some exciting news from Team Gululu! Today we are announcing a new sharing event that ends in a super fun and cute Gululu gift! Share our Indiegogo page and get our special gift: some Gululu coloring pages! The coloring pages will be a brand new and exclusive way to create your own Gululu Universe and will also feature a selection of unique images that have never been seen before! Coloring opens up the imagination of children to a whole other world of many opportunities and adventures. Let your family see what magic can happen with paper designs and some color! We want more and more people to be a part of the Gululu Universe and to get to know the Gululu pets!    In order to share and get your free coloring pages, click on the buttons below:       Don't forget to share your coloring work to Instagram and Facebook and tag and @mygululu!   
Storytelling time! 5 fun and imaginative tips for family story moments!
“Once upon a time……” Those are the words that began the most imaginative and exciting stories of our childhood that held the power to take us to another Universe. Whenever told, a story can expand a mind through the use of vivid imagery, careful word choice, and pure cuteness! Storytelling can transform the world to make it even bigger than it was before and can also offer a great sense of adventure all along the way. Today it is your children’s turn to experience the magic and there are many paths and plots to take to do that! Story time is important to families. It gives parents and children time and a chance to connect and bond all through the comforts of under a blanket or snuggled up together on the couch.  Through the rises and falls as a story is told, you and your child can both band together and cheer for the hero, fight against the villain, and laugh a lot along the way! No matter where, or what moment, the time taken to tell a story will always be remembered, even if the particular story is not! Stories also have additional educational benefits for learning even more in everyday life. Storytelling gives kids a chance to grow and develop their creative side. Their ability to be creative and expansive with their words allows kids to not only continue to learn, but also have fun doing it! Here are a few tips to let kids’ creative flags fly through stories: 1. As mentioned above, start your story with “Once upon a time…” or another that is similar as a key phrase to open up the story possibilities for your kids. 2. Invite your kids to fill in the blanks. Let your children take the lead in the actions and the details, offer them transitional phrases or questions so that they can continue to develop their story and their discovery of the Universe that they will create entirely by themselves. 3. Let your children be the characters! Allow your kids to put themselves into the story so that they can even more firsthand experience the adventure of a new world. 4. Use props. Either homemade or repurposed household items let your kids be active in their experience and make extraordinary things out of ordinary objects. 5. There doesn’t have to be a lesson. Although stories with an extra learning opportunity have value, just plain old-fashioned fun works just the same at making a good story great! Gululu has its own stories too! By following the three Gululu pets you can travel the Gululu Universe and unlock many journeys and stories along the way. Sansa, Ninji, and Purpie all have different personalities to ensure that your children can continue to have fun and care for them as they hydrate throughout the day. Your kids can explore and discover with action-filled adventure throughout the seas, finding paths and secret places to enjoy and let their imaginations soar. They can investigate the sea floor, find mystical creatures, and continue to help the Gululu pets, like Purpee, grow and evolve through imaginary snacks! Following the magic as your children are guided through the Gululu Universe means that there isn’t anything that they can’t imagine! Stories have a beginning, middle, and an end, but the connection, the surprises and the adventure contained within them can last forever in a child’s mind. Continue to support your child’s imagination as they grow and age. Share a story with your children, whether your own or Gululu’s, and watch their faces light up like never before!
Our Family's First Week With Gululu — Off To A Gululu Start!
Gululu is traveling all around the world and has found its way into the homes and hearts of several pilot users and their families. Here is a personal message and some great feedback we received from Sarah, a mother of two that we are excited to share with you. Let’s take a sneak peek! My family first entered the Gululu Universe just 1 week ago (note: this article was written on June 28th) and we have been delighted beyond our expectations ever since! First, a little about us: We are an American family of four?—?me, my husband, and my two daughters, ages 10 and 12. We are based in the Bay Area, California but we travel for long periods of time for our jobs. Most recently, we spent a few years as in Shanghai, China, and in the fall we will be based near Boston. We consider ourselves to be health-conscious, as we eat low-sugar and low-cholesterol diets, and we all have our own daily exercise routines that consist of mostly running, dancing, hiking, and frolicking on playgrounds. Despite our high levels of activity, three out of four of us are camels?—?we rarely drink water (or any beverage, for that matter)! I have known this about my two daughters and myself for a while, but I did not realize the extent of it until we started using Gululu. We have all increased our water intake significantly in the past week, and have noticed some great results. Here’s an in-depth look at our successful journey: ?Day 1?— My daughters received Gululu bottles and we were all impressed and charmed by the adorable packaging…and even further charmed by the story of the Gululu Universe… …but the bottle itself was the coolest part! We quickly set up the bottles on the home Wifi network, synched them with the mobile app, and the girls chose their Gululu Universe virtual pets. S chose Sansa, and N chose Purpie. We washed the bottles, filled them with water, and the girls began drinking! Inspired by their enthusiasm, I also filled up a glass of water and took a few swigs. We are all on our way to better health! Day 2 —?The girls woke up and reached for their Gululus right away. They realized that they had not friended each other yet, so they quickly set about this by shaking their bottles until Purpee jumped into Sansa’s universe. Now that they are Gululu friends, their habit scores are displayed on the app together. It didn’t take long before my competitive older one remarked to the non-competitive younger one that she is already winning the Gululu game (I’m very thankful for their opposite personalities, lest that remark would have turned into a squabble!). I take another few gulps from my relatively boring glass. Days 3 & 4?—?I have noticed that they have formed an attachment to their Gululus beyond what they have in the past with other water bottles IN A GOOD WAY! They actually care about where their water bottles are, versus in the past they would rely on me to make sure that they had them nearby. It’s definitely a relief to me that they are actively keeping track of their bottles, and drinking from them, on their own! Day 5?— We had a full day of activity and went to a family dinner party in the evening. Normally, my younger one does not like to leave the house past 8:00 pm or once night falls, as she gets very sleepy. However, this night I did not hear a single complaint about her being tired, and she partied with her friends all the way until 10pm. She even walked the kilometer home with us, feeling ready for bed but not depleted. We both noticed the difference, and she was the one to point out that maybe it was because she was drinking more water. Hmmm…maybe Gululu is already having a significantly positive effect on my littlest camel! We arrived home and everyone had a few sips of water from their chosen dispensers before we hit the hay for a much-needed rest. Day 6?—?I notice that my two daughters are both really into their Gululus and are reaching their daily hydration goals more quickly than before, but they are motivated in two different ways. My older one is data driven, and loves to see the hard facts of her water consumption, whereas the younger one is more motivated to see her pet’s reaction when she drinks. I realize that there is so much potential for software evolution to continually motivate the kids and am looking forward to the automatic updates. Day 7?—?We plan a playdate with two other Gululu Pilot Users and the kids were thrilled to compare their pets and hydration stats. They spent most of their time making up funny stories about their pets and their unique adventures through the Gululu Universe. It seems that Gululu not only inspires healthy hydration, but also imagination! Summary?—?Overall, I expected that my kids would drink more water with Gululu and that they would have fun doing it, but I did not expect that I would also drink more water (from my boring glass), and that I would feel more energetic than usual. Not only this, however, I did not expect the independence and imagination that Gululu inspired in my kids. That’s something that any parent can raise a glass (of water) and drink to!
Keep Your Kids Hydrated In The Hot Summer Heat
As the weather gets warmer and the temperature gets hotter, it becomes even more important to make sure that the kids stay healthy in the summer. Summertime is a great time for the children to go out and play, but we need to make sure that they are doing it the safe way. Safe, in this sense, means to stay hydrated and lathered up with the proper amounts of water and sunscreen. Heat exhaustion and dehydration are serious dangers in the hot summer heat, but they can easily be avoided too! Parents, make sure that your little ones are continuously drinking water throughout the day. Just drinking a glass of water before an outside activity won’t completely keep your kids hydrated and in fact, will not go a very long way as they are running around sweating it all out. We often remember to put on sunscreen because we can quickly see the affect if we don’t, but making sure hydration is happening throughout the day is just as important! Keep your kids happy, healthy, and hydrated this summer, all you need is water! We’re happy Gululu can help! This summer, use a Gululu bottle to make sure your kids get the perfect amount of water! It personalizes your child’s hydration plan by inputting their data such as age and weight to make sure that they get hydrated and stay hydrated. To make this bottle even more available, we have just recently launched a campaign here on Indiegogo so that summer hydration won’t be a difficult problem to tackle. With this new launch we also have new Indiegogo InDemand gift for each Indiegogo rewards package purchase. These gifts will be exclusively offered to Indiegogo backers: a set of Gululu stickers to come with each bottle! These special perks are all fun ways to make drinking water an easily formed habit for kids at just the right season when they really need it.