How to spend more quality time with family in the digitized age?
We live in a world where there are more tech devices than people. Parents and kids alike are spending more and more time on these devices. And while technology can certainly enhance our lives and routines, it's important that we don't let it displace important activities, such as quality family time. As every parent knows, children grow up in the blink of an eye and making more memories together is always a welcome habit to form. Here are 3 ideas you can implement to have more quality family time, and less screen time. SET LIMITS- This is easier said than done, but setting strict limits around screen time can easily increase the amount of time you spend together interacting as a family without having to force it. It also helps children to engage in more conversations which are key for development. Just remember if you expect your kids to have limits on screen time, you should as well.   HAVE NO DEVICE ZONES- A no device zone is simply an area or areas of the house where devices are not allowed. This teaches your children that devices have a time and a place for use and that they are not always welcome. Its important to remember that this rule goes for everyone in the house, parents and children alike. Lead by example and children will follow suit. SCHEDULE CO-DEVICE TIME- As children get older it's very important to keep an eye on their online activity for safety. This is a great habit to form when they are young. Then as they become teenagers, it will be part of your routine versus a new rule you are mandating. At least once a week, schedule co-device time where you sit and participate or watch whatever game, show, etc. they want. Not only will it be shared bonding time, but it can also be a time for you to monitor their activities. Technology is all around us and we don't want our children to ignore its existence, but we should monitor and set boundaries around its usage. It is our job as parents to ensure the technology we use is enhancing our lives versus displacing social interactions. For example, a Gululu water bottle is a helpful technology, whereas a non-educational tablet game is not helpful. There is a time and place for all types of technology and we can start teaching that at a very young age. The most important thing to remember is that nothing is as valuable as quality family time, so take your kids for a walk, play a board game together or cook a meal together in the kitchen. These are the moments where cherished memories are made! Love, Team Gululu
An open letter to Mothers – This day is all about celebrating everything you do!
Mother's Day is a day we cherish here at Gululu – we admire you mothers out there for all that you do and provide to your families while turning children into independent grownups. That is surely not an easy task… more like a life’s mission! <meta charset="utf-8"/> On this day, we want you to really think hard about how Mother's Day makes you feel;   What memories does it bring along? Is it a vision of your joyful childhood? Do you see fun moments with your mom? Do you remember things she taught you, or advice she gave you? Small things that make you both laugh? Secrets only you both shared? or how warm and loving her hug is?   What Smell comes to mind? Is it your favorite childhood dish, or the dessert she taught you how to make? Maybe it’s her eternal perfume, with a smell that is only kept for her.   How similar are you to your mom? Do you talk to your kids the same way she did to you when you were young? Do you teach your kids the same values she taught you? Baking them the same cakes you had at home? Do you hear her voice in your head giving you advice? It's interesting to reflect and realize what traits, values or words we took from our moms into our grownup lives. It’s exciting to cherish the impact that our moms had on us, and understand that we impact our kids and partners similarly!!   Watch this special and touching video we made for you, moms! What would you like to give yourself the most today? On this Mother's Day, we have a request for all of you moms: Stop the busy routine for 1 hour - 60 minutes only! Go ahead and spoil yourself – Take a warm bath with a glass of Champagne, go for a stroll in nature, head out shopping with friends,  go to that restaurant you’ve been wanting to for ages, visit your soul-friend for a heart to heart conversation…   Basically – take at least 1 hour to fill your heart with whatever fuels you with energy, love, and pride for who you are! Remember- when you are happy and filled with energy, the whole family is happy! You deserve it!   We wish you a happy, loving Mother's Day! Sending our Gulu-Love, Team Gululu
What can we learn from Earth Day 2018
Earth Day 2018 is here and is the perfect time to share with your children educational information and inspiration needed to contribute to the end to pollution. This year’s Earth Day is dedicated to ending plastic pollution; when we think about it - Plastic bags, disposable water bottles, plates, utensils, straws and hundreds of more plastic materials make up our everyday life; we overuse plastic every day without even realizing it.    For the most part, our used plastic ends up on the streets, oceans and, in landfills. Some of it gets recycled as the importance of recycling has been a common theme around the world. We invite you to take an active part in getting the message out there -  the need to eliminate plastic pollution or at least recycle it. We only have one planet.   As Earth Day exemplifies the importance of being aware of the Earth’s natural resources, and what we can do to make a change, Gululu has put in a tremendous amount of work to contribute to our planet along with creative ways to teach the importance of water in a child’s life and end the use of un-recycled plastic bottles.   How can we make a difference on Earth Day 2018?   Teach children the importance of the Earth’s natural resources, including plastic and water. It can be simple, effective and fun, and Earth Day 2018 is the perfect time to start! Let’s all try to eliminate unnecessary plastic use in our everyday life. Purchase a Gululu Interactive Water Bottle to eliminate the use of plastic from a disposable water bottle by drinking from a reusable Gululu, and at the same time, teach children fun and healthy drinking habits that will last a lifetime. It is the best of both worlds.   To make a big impact and create more clean drinking water for kids around the world Gululu by Bowhead Technology, have joined hands with, a humanitarian organization that provides sustainable solutions to the global water crisis, to launch the ‘School-to-School’ program. With the assistance of Gululu, Monroe Elementary School was able to change a sister school and their community’s water situation. Their project was to create a fundraiser that would help a community in Peru, where their only drinking water is from rainwater.  Gululu and Monroe Elementary School’s fundraiser was so successful that the community of 400 plus children and their families finally have access to clean water! Watch the School-to-School video with Monroe Elementary here!   Schools are encouraged to join Gululu’s mission to build more water projects by contacting via Antonia Buban, the Community and Donor Engagement Coordinator, or contact Gululu at   With your help combined with Gululu, we can all eliminate the global water and plastic crisis.   Enjoy Earth Day -  April 22, 2018 - Let us help you make a difference!!   Much Gulu-Love Team Gululu    
5 interactive fun ways to teach your kids about the value of water!
World Water Day 2018 is upon us (March 22nd) and there is no better time to talk to your kids about the importance of water, not just for kids health, but for all areas of life. Water is one of our most important natural resources. People, plants and animals all rely on water to survive. And our bodies are made up of 60% water! Simple facts like these make learning all about water fun for kids. Gululu interactive water bottle, has complied 5 fun ways to teach your kids about the value of water in an interactive way. I SPY WATER GAME: Take a walk around the park and play a simple game of I-spy, search for things that rely on water to survive. Bonus if your kids get thirsty on the walk- we need water to survive too! WATER PIPE PLAY: Explore where water comes from by collecting rain water in a bucket or visiting a river or stream. Discuss how the water gets into your home by showing your kids a pipe system (simple pvc pipes will do). Kids will love playing with the water and the pipes! ICKY DIRTY WATER DEMONSTARTION: Did you know that 1 in 9 people don't have access to safe water? Help your kids understand that access to clean water isn't easy for everyone. Use food color to teach kids about contaminants and watch them spread in the water. At the end add in dirt and see if anyone volunteers to take a swig, explaining that unclean water is not safe. You can also ask your kids to take out the dirt and colors. This is a great visual aide to see that pollution cannot be undone. HYDRATION STATION: Did you know that over 50% of all children are under-hydrated? Conduct a small experiment with two plants to show your kids what happens to a plant that is "dehydrated". It easy to see that a wilted plant does not have the energy to grow and we are the same way! ONE BUCKET OF WATER GAME: Conserving water can be fun at any age! Fill up a large bucket with water before your kids are awake and have them do their morning routine (i.e, make breakfast, brush teeth, comb hair, wash hands, etc) using water from the bucket. Every time they need water for part of their routine, have them get a scoop and scoop out as much as they need. The water goes very quickly! Make it a game and see who can use the least amount. . Teaching kids about water can be simple and effective, and World Water Day is a great day to start. Plus, you don't have to do all the teaching, Ninji, Sansa and Purpie the Gululu pets, are great visual aids showing kids that drinking water is fun and necessary to have energy and thrive! . What can you do to make a difference on World Water Day? Maybe it's as simple as purchasing a Gululu interactive water bottle for your child or as a gift; your purchase of Gululu provides clean drinking water for life to a child in a developing country.  Much Gulu-Love, Team Gululu
Let’s Hear it for the Moms on International Women’s Day!
International Women's Day is once more upon us and it's a cause to celebrate, not just for women around the world, but for everyone.  Strong, resilient and powerful women have been celebrated throughout history for the contributions they make to their families, communities, and to society in general. Moms are the most amazing people on our planet, holding down busy jobs whilst nurturing their families in so many ways.   Modern moms fulfill so many different roles: bread-winners caregivers nurturers nurses playmates teachers cooks cleaners social organizers taxi service   Thank you Moms #1 - For caring for your kid’s health,  giving them all the love and everything they need at all times.. you moms are the real Wonder Women! Thank you Moms #2 - For educating your kids to differentiate between right and wrong, healthy and well-being values shared with lessons from your life Experience. Thank you Moms #3 - For all the things you do day and night, that your kids may only appreciate when they become parents. Today, we at Gululu want to thank you, for teaching your kids healthy life habits - how to eat healthy, drink healthy and play healthy.     We Salute you! Happy Women's Day! Team Gululu  
Discover your Love Language! Valentine's Day Special
How are you sharing the LOVE this Valentine's Day? We believe that every day of the year should be about LOVE, but there is one special day that allows you to reflect on your emotions, give gratitude to those around you and share a greater LOVE with them! Yes it's Valentine's Day :) How can you share LOVE better? There are many ways to share it- It can happen in so many moments, big to small!   What is your Love Language? Dr. Gary Chapman outlines five ways to express and experience LOVE that he calls "love languages". To discover another person's love language, one must observe the way they express love to others, and analyze what they complain about most often and what they request from their significant other most often. People tend to naturally give love in the way that they prefer to receive love, and better communication between couples can be accomplished when one can demonstrate caring to the other person in the love language the recipient understands. These are the 5 Love languages: 1. Receiving gifts 2. Quality Time 3. Words of Affirmation 4. Acts of Service 5. Physical Touch Take the 5 Love Languages® official assessment to discover your love language and begin improving your relationships - Click here Watch These Videos to learn more!   Gululu's Message of Love:   L: Let someone know you care  Let someone know you care by sharing an extra special level of attention! Learn their Love Language helps :) O: Open your heart Open your heart to those who you may not always get to see and celebrate! Go that extra mile and spread the love, you won’t regret it! V: Visit our special sale!   We are running a special V-DAY sale of a $79 USD Interactive bottle (instead of the full price of $149.00) This super special price is available until February15, 2018! Kids health and hydration gets even closer to obtain with this perfect price! Click Here! E: Enter the “Share the Gulu-Love” challenge! This Valentines Day we invite you to visit our Instagram profile and comment under this photo- and tag 2 friends that deserve a Gululu interactive bottle! The winner will be announed on February 15 :)    Happy Valentine's Day! WIth Love, Team Gululu
How to Overcome Winter Dehydration?
Winter brings the chill, sometimes brings the snow, but also brings dehydration! Just because the heat is gone doesn’t mean the chance of dehydration has left as well so it is just as important to keep water nearby now than ever! How do you keep these dangers away? Look at these super helpful 1,2,3 steps to stay away from dehydration!   1. Start and end the day with a glass of water Think about it, while you are drinking water throughout the day, you are preparing your body in this way! If you drink a glass of water right as you get out of bed, you are already jumpstarting your hydration process for the day. While it’s still very important to drink throughout the day, this is a good place to start! Also, think about right before bed, After you and your children have used the bathroom, grab a glass of water and fill yourself up because while you are sleeping for about 8 hours, you aren’t getting an hydration with your rest! Grab some rest and hydration, all while you sleep!   2. Put water next to every meal  A lot of the time the reason why we don’t drink water is because we don’t see the water, or the water is not right beside us whenever our body tells us it is time to drink, but this fixes the problem! Having water with you at every meal, no matter what it is, is a good way to help the food flow down, but also make sure that you are hydrating. Drinking water during a meal also helps satisfy cravings! No matter what you are feasting on in this season, make your choice of drink that thing that we all love - water!   3. Include water in every meal  In a season of sweets and salts, take a break and take a glass of water instead! The cookies, cakes, snacks and treats that have filled your bellies over this winter break have to be replaced by water because your body can’t handle this much indulgence without some good old H2O! But don’t worry, if you’re still hungry all you need to do is find fruits and other hydrating foods to add to your meals along the way. Including water in every meal can look different on many different plates so find the way that is best for you!    Keep us updated on how you and your family hydrate during winter! We can’t wait to hear it!   Love, Team Gululu    Photo by Teddy Kelley on Unsplash
New Year Resolutions Tips by Gululu
With the New Year comes a whole new list of things look back on and a new list of things to look forward to! The past 365 days have come and gone and you and your children have probably learned a great big heap of knowledge and now it’s time to share! Here are 4 fast tips on how to ring in the new year with your little ones, teaching them the importance of their pasts and their futures!    Take a picture, print a picture!  Go through the thousands of pictures you have taken in the year on your phones one-by-one. Your phone or computer should categorize them in the order that they have been taken, so take the time, sit down, and re-live the memories. Pick out your favorite family photos and print them out! Either stick them in frames or make your own display, this way you can look at them every day and then replace them out the next year!   It’s good to have goals! Teaching your little ones the value in goals and attaining them is one of the greatest joys! Use this time to help your kids form 3 goals each that they want to work on in the new year. Whether it is learning a new sport or instrument, or working hard in a type of class, or being nicer to siblings-anything at all-this is a great opportunity! You can even make a physical representation of these goals so that your children can remember them through the year and check in to see if they are attaining them!    Out with the old, in with the new!  After these past seasons of giving and thanks, it is important to show your kids tangible ways to do this. With the new gifts and toys that your little ones have received, take time to declutter and donate some old toys to those who may give them more love in the future! Getting rid of things that are no longer being used means that you are making more room in life for things that you truly value. Show this to your kids by helping them see giving things away is not losing something, its gaining some more space in life!   Play a ball game and don’t let the ball drop! Just like how the ball drops at new year's midnight, use this game to keep everyone entertained and involved while you’re waiting! Use a balloon, blown up with air from your mouth, and play the game: don’t let the balloon touch the ground (don’t let the ball touch the ground). Every time someone saves the ballon from touching the ground by hitting it up in the air, they have to share a favorite moment of the year or memory that they have made. The goal is to never let the ball or balloon touch the ground, so it should leave plenty of room for your kids to be a little bit competitive but also sentimental!    We can’t wait to ring in New Years with you and the Gululu pets feel the same way too! Send us snaps of your little ones hydrating through the night with the Gululu bottles for a chance to be featured!   Love, Team Gululu and Happy New Year! 
5 family tips to start a Christmas to remember!
Can you feel the Christmas vibes in the air? We at Gululu ilove the holiday season, and would like to give youthe best gift- the gift of health and imagination, the gift of companionship-  Gululu interactive bottle in a special price of only $79! Get it on Amazon Exclusives (for a linkte limited time :)   Whether your Christmas fun includes snow or not this year, no fears because we have plenty fun and festive ideas to bring you family together for this special holiday! Here are 5 family tips to start a holiday to remember!    1. Start with the setup! Get the season started by coloring your home red and green and getting your family a tree! No mater what size you get your tree, it is one of the biggest symbols of the Christmas season-a must have! Even if you cannot go out and get a real tree, be creative and find a way to make one around the house!   2. Holiday movies for the holiday mood! Either find a classic or search for something new, but make it a movie marathon with your family all cuddled up in blankets and seasonal snacks! The Grinch, A Christmas Story, The Polar Express, try some of these or look in theaters near you too!   3. Make a fire! Set a fire! Inside your fireplace or outside your home, and multitask at the same time by sharing your favorite memories or moments while stringing tinsel or making popcorn strings by the fire. Grab some hot coco and marshmallows to roast or to slip inside your drinks!   4. Gingerbread house for the win! Grab a set or start cooking up your own gingerbread cooking. Gather the gumdrops, the icing, the candy canes galore and let your little ones work with their minds and their hands to create! It may get a little messy but that’s where the memories are made.    5. Christmas Carol! What a great way to ring in the Christmas season by sharing the gift of you and your children’s beautiful voices to friends and family around you! Huddle up in your warmest clothes and go door to door singing the classics that everyone should know!    If you consider to purchase Gululu as a holiday gift, it is available for you here with a special price of $79!   Wishing you a lovely Christmas! Sending lots of Gulu-LOVE, Team Gululu
Tips to make the most out of Thanksgiving!
What does Thanksgiving day mean to you? Is it a time to be in the presence of family and friends? A time to take a break from the business of life? A time for a great food feast? A time to be thankful for the past blessings and your future ones? Good news! It can be all of these things, Thanksgiving is a great holiday to check off all of these boxes all in one day or over the span of the weekend! You may be wondering, how do we as a family check off all of those things listed above? Let us share and show you how!     Being in the presence of family and friends: This one is simple! All you have to do is all be in the same space at the same time, the way you decide to spend that time is up to you. Use this time to continue family traditions or make new ones! You can also start the day-long cooking process slowly withfamily members too! If you are located in the United States, this could be watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade as well.     Taking a break from the business of life: The kids are not in school, you may have a day or two off of work, and now you are ready to rest together. Take a break from your scheduling and planning and just let the day go by. Suggestion: don’t even change out of your pajamas! Stick around the house allday and relax. Unplug from electronics and let your eyes rest!     Feasting on great food: The first picture that may pop in your mind of Thanksgiving is a turkey. Make that picture a reality by either having an edible turkey be the center of your table, or even a picture or sculpture of a turkey can do just the same! The foods that surround thatare up to you! Take a traditional take on Thanksgiving with stuffing, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy, or: try something new and blend new flavors with these old recipes!     A time to recall your blessings: Go through your past year, month by month, since last Thanksgiving. Timeline your life as a family and talk about each of the major blessings in your lives each month! This may be one of the only times where you really get to think about how greatly you havebeen blessed in life. Nothing is too big or too small! Your children making good grades at school, success in sports and arts, your health being sustained, or having so many people to love and care for you well are exceptional examples.     The Gululu Family, Pets and Global Team are thankful for you!       Love,   Team Gululu   (Photo taken by +Simple)
How to prepare your family for Thanksgiving?
How do you prepare with your family for the time in the year, where we get to talk about and remember the things that we are most grateful for? There are so many things to be doing during the holidays, but Thanksgiving specifically is best achieved by making a to-do list on how to get prepared for the many guests and good times that you are soon to have. Here is our 5 piece homemade to-do list on how to have the greatest time with all that may help to make your memories even more unforgettable:   TO DO's:   - Get the shopping done early!  Food shopping is a must to prepare for this holiday centered around that very necessary ingredient. But, this doesn’t have to be a stressful experience, bring the kids along and make it a fun time to all be together, getting the foods that will be gracing your whole table on Thanksgiving day!    -Decorating the house, happens inside and out!  Thanksgiving is all about showing those you love that you are thankful for them, and you can also show your house the same thing! Add some fall or Thanksgiving inspired decorations around the house. These can be handmade hand-turkeys from the kids, fall vegetables on display, or even giving your home its own fall-cleaning by raking leaves and straightening up the inside too!   -Bring traditions back, but also bring on the new! Keep the classics, whatever that is for your family: turkey, stuffing, hot apple cider, cranberry jello, anything! Continue on those traditions, but don’t be afraid to bring in new traditions to mix things up. This can be a pajama walk around the neighborhood, name card decorating for the Thanksgiving dinner table, or try mixing up the menu a bit as well!    -Food prep isn’t just for the adults! Help your kids get their hands dirty in the kitchen with you by teaching them how to make the foods you have all enjoyed together for years! The process might take a little longer, but this is just because there is more time and space for memories to be made. Make sure the kiddos have adult supervision to keep themselves safe and true to the recipe, but also be ready for a whole lot of fun to be mixed in now!    -Take your time for rest and for learning! You may be able to keep yourself busy the entire holiday, but make sure to allot time to spend all together just resting in each other’s presence all in one room! Catch up on all the details of your kids’ lives that you may have missed during the school weeks, this is the perfect time to be still and just keep your ears open!   Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving! Love,  Team Gululu 
3 Tips On How To Pick The Perfect Costume:
 This is Halloween! Orange! Pumpkins! Costumes! And More!  This is the season to dress up in silly and scary Halloween costumes and head door to door to collect delicious treats to eat! You may have some spooky ideas of your own, but here are 3 quick tips on how to pick the perfect costume: Tip 1: Use things of your own from home!  Look up your favorite character and then raid your wardrobe to pull together your own spin on a character’s costume! But don’t just stop there, your entire house is filled with things that can be used in your costumes: check the kitchen, the garage, the closet, all around!   Tip 2:  Get creative!  Take inspiration for your kids’ costume from all around you. You can stick with the classics of a vampire, ghost, mummy, or zombie, or what about combining those things? Either mesh them together within each other (like a vampire-zombie or a mummy-ghost) or pull something else into the mix! A vampire-baseball player or a zombie cheerleader, the opportunities are endless!   Tip 3:Don’t do it alone!  Find some buddies, siblings, and parents and keep everyone together by making a group effort in your costume and doing a group costume! Search your favorite books, movies, tv shows and bands to give everybody a role that they would enjoy to dress up as. Examples could be: dressing up as the Wiggles, the Seven Dwarfs from Snow White, a group of bowling pins, really anything!  But Halloween isn’t only about dressing up! It’s about that “Trick or Treat” spirit. You cannot contain that spirit to only one night, so check out these 4 games and activities that you can do with your parents and friends to keep the spirit of the season going!  Monster Freeze Dance Dance Party! Dress it up in your costumes or keep it casual in your everyday clothes but bring a special edition of freeze dance to the floor and play Halloween music, you get out when you keep dancing after the music has finished, whoever is the last one standing is the winner!  Ghost the Doorbell! Cut out your own drawing of a ghost and pack a bag of goodies to leave on the doorstep of the house that you are “ghosting.” The goal is to leave the ghost and the box of goodies on the doorstep, ring the doorbell or knock on the door, and then run away-trying not to get caught! Make sure you leave instructions about how to continue the ghosting cycle so that everyone on the block can get involved! The Mummy Wrap! Use toilet paper in a new and fun way by putting it all over your body in a mummy wrap. Grab a partner and make it a friendly competition who can make the most realistic looking mummy on their partner by covering up their body over their clothes as much as possible!  Pass the Pumpkin! Have you ever heard of a water balloon toss or egg toss? This is just the same, except with little pumpkins! Find a pumpkin in the pumpkin patch that is just light enough for you and a partner to toss. Take a step back each time you make a successful toss and see how far away from each other you can both get tossing it around. Don’t let the pumpkin hit the floor! Even though your Gululu pets may not be able to dress up with you, they definitely want to be around to keep your kids hydrated while they are eating all of their Halloween sugar. Send us pictures of your little ones in their favorite costumes with their Gululu pets this Halloween!  Love, Team Gululu
Top movies hitting theaters this fall that your kids will love!
  The Gululu Pets and Gululu family want to help you and your family spend more special memories and moments together! This can happen through your Gululu Interactive Bottles, but also in another super fun way……What better thing to do on a rainy day, a slow Saturday afternoon, or when you’re searching for fun for the whole family then taking a trip to the movies? This fall season has a ton of feature flicks that are entertaining at any age. Here are a few of the movies hitting theaters this fall that your little ones will love!       My Little Pony: The Movie       This movie is all about the journey the ponies embark on as they take on the quest of saving Ponyville from the dark forces that threaten to engulf it. Your little ones will love every ounce of adventure that they get to experience during this trip to the movies!       Genome Alone       Follow a teenage girl turned hero who moves into her new house just to find that it is under attack! Her helpers are no other than the gnomes that surround the town. Which side will have victory? Find this movie in theaters to find out!       The Star       Hear about the story of the first Christmas from a lovable donkey named Bo on his journey through the desert. Here he picks up plenty of new and charismatic friendships as he follows the Star, becoming a hero and friend to all!       Coco       In the search for his cultural heritage, Coco is on a hunt to find out about his family’s musical past. As he tries to discover his own musical abilities, Coco sets out on a journey with new friend Hector to learn about his past to change his future.       These new movies shown in theaters have a great opportunity to showcase how a lot of great things in life are about the journey, not always the destination! Use these movies as great opening conversation talking points between you and your kids. Talking abouta movie that you see with your children is a great way to teach them, but also a great way to learn from them!         Love,   Team Gululu   
Fun Hydration Tips for Fall - This is how you do it and enjoy every minute!
The season has changed to Autumn, but something that wont change is the amount of water your children need to make sure they don’t fall into habits of dehydration!  Your little ones may not be running around in the hot summer sun anymore, but they are still working hard both in and outside of the classroom! Brainpower is fed by waterpower, so it’s more important now than ever to get your kids practicing healthy eating and drinking habits.   Look below for a list of the five fast ways to fight dehydration in the fall!   1.    Have an orange party!   What color do you think of when we say fall? Orange! Good news is that there are a ton of veggies full of water and nutrition to eat. Baby carrots are a quick treat to put in the lunch boxes or after school snacks to keep your kids healthy and hydrated!   2.    Festive and fun straws   Look out in your local grocery store for some super silly straws to stick in a plain old glass of water to making sipping fun! Your little ones will enjoy watching the water swirl through their straws and into their mouths.   3.    Switch plain old potato for something sweet in your oven!   Give a sweet potato fry a try! A great way to introduce a new vegetable in a variety of different ways! Add some brown sugar or marshmallows on top of your fries for a new type of nacho or sprinkle with salt for a contrast of flavors!   4.    Sprinkle a little bit of apple cider into your hot water and sit by a fire!   Appreciate the season with a little bit of seasoning in your water! Make a campfire with the family and sit along fireside with a nice warm cup of flavored water. Be sure to make sure the water wont burn your little one’s tongues by testing it first!            5.    Rake up the leaves and rake up an appetite!   Turn cleaning up the backyard into preparing your children’s stomach for a feast! Get everyone’s appetites all worked up by having them run around the yard, putting all the leaves into a pile and then welcome your kiddos inside to a feast! And of course... with Gululu interactive bottle  you can keep hydrated with your pet companion!   Let us a know a tip we may have missed in the comments and show us how you keep your family hydrated and healthy with the changing of the seasons!   Love,   Team Gululu
What Are The Warning Signs Of Dehydration In Children?
Dehydration in children often go unnoticed and can be very serious. Discover the warning signs of dehydration in children so that you can recognize it before it gets too serious.   Did you know that children are more likely to become dehydrated than adults? Since their bodies are smaller, they have smaller reserves of water. Even though summer is almost over and fall is on the horizon, children can still easily become dehydrated. Discover the warning signs of dehydration in children so that you can recognize it before it gets too serious! While there are certainly some instances that can cause dehydration in children, such as fever, vomiting, diarrhea and chronic illness, dehydration can easily happen on a daily basis if children are not getting the proper amount of water for their weight. For instance, if your child heads off to school for the day without any liquid at breakfast and doesn’t drink much at school, by the time they get home, they could show signs of dehydration. Just think if they head straight to after school activities such as football or baseball practice. Luckily, there are a few warning signs that you can look for to avoid serious dehydration.   Warning signs of dehydration in children: Dry or cracked lips Dark-colored urine (ideally, you want pretty clear with a hint of yellow) Little or no urine for eight hours Cold or dry skin Sunken eyes or sunken soft spot on the head (for babies) Excessive sleepiness Low energy levels No tears when crying Extreme fussiness or irritability Fast breathing or heart rate   Though it is rare, in serious cases, your child can become delirious or unconscious.   How much water does your child need to stay hydrated? As mentioned above, there are different factors that determine how much liquid children need in order to stay hydrated: age, weight, gender and other factors such as activity level, humidity and their overall health are all taken into account.   But, according to a study led by researchers at Queens College of the City University of New York and published in the October 2010 issue of the "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition”, children need between five and eight cups of water each day, But some children may be fine with less water, and children who are very active may need more. Your child may need more water during the day when it's hot outside or when they’re sick or recovering from an illness.   How can you get your child to drink more water?   Use frozen fruit in place of ice cubes Buy silly straws Infuse their water with flavor by adding fruits like berries, cucumbers, lemons and limes Set a good example- if you have kids, you know they watch your every move. The more your children see you carrying out healthy habits, the more likely they are to do the same Make it fun, perhaps offer an incentive or a reward if they hit their limit...or perhaps it can help their pet grow and evolve :)   About Gululu We are on a mission to develop good habits by helping kids stay healthy and build great habits that will last a lifetime. Our interactive bottle does both of these things by measuring and rewarding healthy hydration habits. Learn more about us today! >> Image taken from Fun Money Mom Blog
Back to School with Gululu!
Back at school! This summer our kids had a blast, while us parents ensured they are well entertained, took them on vacation, and of course took care of their water drinking intake. This summer Gululu was widely featured by parents and in the media as the go to product that will help your kids acquire the habit of water drinking - and love it! Grateful as we are, we would like to share some of the wonderful moms and publications that recommended Gululu as the Back to School product.   Daily Mom featured Gululu at Organized Uniformed and ready for Kindergarten: “My daughter thinks of Gululu like her own personal video game since she has the ability to “level up” as she drinks more water and wins collectibles and rewards, and explores new stories. While cool, I’m more excited that it’s helping her develop a healthy habit.” Parent Guide News presenting Back to School Tech: “Gululu is the world’s first 3D interactive water bottle – perfect for those fresh, new backpacks or lunchboxes kids will be sporting!” The Huffington Post included Gululu in its Bacl to School Technology article: ”This is one of the coolest new gadgets I’ve seen. Gululu uses technology to turn drinking water into a fun game for kids – and thus keeps them hydrated.” Video Review by Rob at  Alternative Mindz :You can’t ignore the kids excitment as he is unpacking his new Blue Gululu Bottle! US Weekly also featured Gululu for all of you parents.   We wish your kids an easy, educational, fun and hydrated year! Love. Team Gululu
Cool Educational Gadgets You & Your Kids Would Love!
One of the most interesting parts of the Gululu Interactive Bottle is the way it is able to mix water and technology, and bring it all into one to keep families imaginative, happy, and healthy! While the Gululu pets make staying hydrated fun for the kids, they also help keep you assured via the mobile app, that your kids are connected and taken care of! We are so excited to share about some more cool tech gadgets for your kids! Also as a cool bonus, all of these toys also know how to teach, not just entertain! Here are the top 5 coolest gadgets of 2017: 1. littleBits Electronics Gizmos & Gadgets Kit A cool and fun toy for your little ones! Your kids can assemble it themselves and then enjoy their creation by moving it all around the house!  2. Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-A-Pillar For ages 3-8, this Code-A-Pillar teaches your children code, showing them bright colors and different results based on the order of the different parts of the caterpillar!  3. Kano Computer Kit Why give a kid a computer, when they can make their own? This little kit is a build-your-own computer with tons of really cool software for kids to learn programming, music, or games! 4. Dash & Dot   Do you want your child to experience exploration and storytelling? Meet Dash & Dot! Kids can learn problem solving skills and discover all that Dash & Dot have to offer, no matter what age!  5. Vech Kidzoom DUO See the world through the eyes of your kids with this special toy! This camera give plenty of entertainment while also helping your kids bring out their creative side!  Whether for a birthday, for a holiday, or just for fun, these gifts are something that your children are sure to enjoy and to be entertained with for the times to come! Now we want to hear from you! Parents, tell us about the cool gadgets that your kids enjoy! Comment down in our open comment section below and let us know! Love, Team Gululu
Indoor and Outdoor Summer Activities For Your Family!
The temperatures are heating up all summer long and the littles ones aren’t at school to occupy their days anymore. There is so much more time on your hands for fun activities that you all can share together, so many places you can go and exciting things you can do and see!    Make your memories and moments with your children unique as you show them that the best parts of summer are closer to home the they think! Here are 7 special tips to finding the most fun summer activities for kids! 1.Water! While Team Gululu and the Gululu pets are here to make sure your family and your children are drinking enough water, there is also another use for it: to play! Whether in the ocean, a swimming pool, sprinklers in the yard, or a fun water balloon fight find the water nearest you and use it to cool off outside under the summer rays! 2. Turn clean up into craft up! Although “spring cleaning” may have already passed, it is never a bad idea to repurpose some broken or barely used materials in your home! You can use this tip for any rainy day that comes your way too. Use old cereal boxes and milk cartons to make guitars and other musical instruments! Take some mismatched socks and start up a sock puppet collection! Find some old buttons, string, and a paper plate and help your kids make fun masks they can jump around the living room in! 3. Head to the park and bring a picnic! Spend a day watching your kids on the slides and the swings and set up a blanket to eat some fresh fruit and veggies with PB&J sandwiches after they are all famished from running all of their energy out! BONUS: if there is a pond near by, have fun watching the ducks, turtles, and other wildlife swim around! 4. Create your own street art! Find your driveway or a sidewalk and add some color to it with the help of sidewalk chalk! This chalk is a special way to showcase your kids’ designs while also being a huge surface that they can color on that only stays permanent until the rain comes and washes it away. 5. Feed and find the birds! Make bird feeders out of pinecones, peanut butter and bird seed! This fun little craft will last long after you finish hanging up this delicious treat for the birds. Have the little ones take pictures or write descriptions of the different types of birds that stop by the feeders. This way you are bird feeding and bird watching all at once! 6. Make a fully-functioning fort! Expand your kids’ creativity and challenge them to make the biggest or best fort that they can imagine. Inside or outside! Using blankets, chairs, cardboard boxes and more make this fort adventure something that they can both create and explore. 7. Plant a garden! Summer is the perfect time to help grow either some beautiful flowers or some fresh fruits and vegetables. First step is to go to the store and grab the special seeds. Find a variety and make sure they can survive in the conditions of your yard. Then plant them with your little ones and show them how to water the plants so that they can grow! The kids can be on the lookout all summer to see when their fruits and veggies are ready to be eaten! Have fun on your adventures and let us know any special tips or tricks you use for fun summertime activities! Love, Team Gululu
Summer Vacation: Keep your Kids Hydrated During Flights!
One of the most fun things you can do with your little ones is to take them on an adventure. Sometimes that is to the park, or to the zoo or even on an airplane! Going on a journey through the sky is exciting and new, no matter the length of the flight. However, the length of the flight is something you need to consider in thinking about how much hydration your children will need! Flying at such high altitudes is very dehydrating so you need a plan to make sure your fun trip on the plane doesn’t end in dehydration! Here are 5 fast and fun tips to make sure you and your kids stay hydrated throughout your adventure! 1. Skip the sugary drinks, head to the water cart! If your flight offers in-flight food service, use this as an opportunity to get something from the cart that will keep your little ones relaxed and healthy! Getting anything from the cart would be a joy, but make sure that you keep hydration in mind and go straight for the water! Too many sugary drinks can leave everyone to still be dehydrated while wanting to bounce around the walls with all the sugar intake, which won’t be fun for anyone! 2.Always be prepared! Most security lines won’t let you bring any unchecked liquids into the airport, but there is a way to bring your water bottle from outside security with you the whole way! Good for you and good for the environment- bring a refillable water bottle along with you. Make sure that it is empty while going through security, but find a filling station before you take off! This tip also saves you a little bit of money from airport water bottle prices! 3.Stick with the facts- eat natural snacks! Two good foods to look out for are fresh, naturally flavored fruits, and also rice! These two might sound like a weird combo, but they have something in common- water! Foods like berries and cucumbers are easy to pack into a little bag on the go and are also rich in the most important nutrient- water. Although rice may sound like such a random treat, it is actually a food filled with a bunch of water in each and every cooked grain. 4.Keep your whole body hydrated! Use lotions and natural creams to keep each part of your body fully hydrated! The biggest organ that we have as humans is our skin and if we drink water, we naturally are taking care of that- but a little bit of lotion can go a long way! Bring scents or colors that will leave little mess but lots of entertainment for the little ones. Put a dot of lotion on their skin, and challenge them to make it disappear when they rub it in! 5.Here is a tip for you as much as it is a treat for your kiddos! Bring the Gululu pets along. Your little kids will be having fun enjoying the games while keeping themselves happy, healthy and hydrated all in one! No fussing on this flight because Gululu is the way to save the day. Here is another surprise and special treat: Gululu has upgraded to 3D! There is a whole new layer in the Gululu Interactive Bottle too. It’s called Wonder Woods, made with new and exciting views and adventures to enhance the game! Read more about it here Show us the journeys that the Gululu pets go on with you and your family by posting on our Facebook pictures of the places you have been together. Have fun in the sky! Love, Team Gululu
Gululu Introduces a New Layer To Its Game: Planet Ima’s “Wonder Woods”!
Shortly after our 3D game release, a new layer of the game is out! Hot on the heels is the next “layer” on planet Ima… Wonder Woods! All your child has to do to get there… is drink water from his / her Gululu bottle! Read all about it and how it benefits your kids here! First: What is Ima? Ima is the home planet of our Gululus. It is a water-based planet made up of many layers.  Each layer has its own climate, characteristics and special creatures (like the different regions on our own planet!) The first layer of Ima is called “Ocean Brim”, followed by “Wonder Woods”… As you drink more water, you will help your Gululu pass through each of these layers, to eventually save the Grand Dream Guardian in the center! What’s new in Wonder Woods? A whole new world for kids to explore - New backgrounds, new areas… NEW forest-themed Accessories And of course… more cute and courageous creatures called “nims” for you to discover!  A sneak peek of who you’ll meet… The “Peek-a-boo” crocodile The “Cheese-bees” The “Rolling Cactuses” The adorable characters and vibrant colors of Wonder Woods make us all eager to explore it more! How to get to Wonder Woods? Please ensure to keep your bottle in its doc for a whole night (without picking it up in between) to allow for the Wonder Woods update to download! Once you reached the top of “Ocean Brim” map (i.e. 210m mark), your Gululu will get into its completed submarine and get ready to go into the next layer of Ima (i.e. “Wonder Woods”) see the below directions on your bottle: Swipe (LEFT) upwards to continue You will be asked whether you want to enter the “Wonder Woods” map.  Use the touch sensors on the side of the bottle to select “Yes” or “No”. Press the button on your bottle to confirm You can also choose to replay the “Ocean Brim” map and uncover more “nims” along the way! Here’s how: When you see “Select Map” on your bottle, swipe DOWN to select the “Ocean Brim” map. You will be asked to confirm “Enter Ocean Brim” map.  Swipe up or down to select “Yes” or “No” Press the button on your bottle to confirm. Other Updates: Some on-going improvements we’ve made to the overall bottle experience… Improved water intake measurement Upgrading and updating game content easier Full sound effects released (i.e. all the sounds are added back onto the game) Upcoming New Features:  Child’s Ranking System on the cup (so kids can see how they and their friends are doing, directly on their bottle - not just through parents APP) Virtual exchange system - so your hard-earned rubies can be used to collect and swap for different things! We at team Gululu are dedicated to enable "education through play" and are constantly working on getting the game and the Gululu bottle improved, fun and safe! For more Gululu Universe and in-bottle game instructions, please visit:   Feel free